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About us

Tobermory (or 'Tobar Mhoire' in Gaelic, meaning "Mary's Well") is on the North East tip of the Isle of Mull, the second largest of the Inner Hebrides. Although the island covers an area of around 340 square miles, most of the island's 2,600 residents live in or around Tobermory, the islands capital. It has long been a popular place to visit and a firm favorite holiday destintion for yachtsmen, wildlife enthusiasts and hill walkers alike.

Many younger visitors to Tobermory recognise it as 'Balamory' from the children's programme. All of the houses in the TV show are real houses and 'Tobermory Chocolate' was the home of Edie MacCready and the yellow bus. Some of the houses have since been repainted but visitors can still recognise them. The Main Street, on the harbour, contains a variety of shops and restaurants all painted in pastel colours, one of which is home to Tobermory Chocolate now painted Dark Chocolate Brown.

Keith & Rhoda

Handmade Chocolates, made just for you

Our delicious chocolates are handmade, right here in our shop in Tobermory. Our high quality, handmade chocolates are elegant in both design and in flavour. We select the best possible ingredients and flavours for our artisan treats. So, why not treat yourself or order a personalised gift, perfect for any occasion.